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Not every funding method makes sense for every business or industry. See which solutions might make more sense for your business by selecting your categories below.

Here Are a Few of Our Recent Projects

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Specialized Solutions: Highlights

Work in Process Funding

What is WIP? Work in process (WIP) is the part of inventory that is currently being “worked on” and is yet in the production process. Work in progress is a stage in between the raw material and finished goods. It is no longer raw material because it has undergone some processing in the production process. It is also not yet finished goods because more processing has to be done to put it into its salable condition. WIP includes the items that are being fabricated or waiting for further processing or in storage.

Inventory Financing & Trade-Export Credit

Non Bank Inventory Financing Is a Type of Asset Based Lending That Is Based on a Company’s Convertible or Saleable Inventory Assets.

A business can use their inventory as collateral for funding or to get a business inventory loan. The funds are typically available one of two ways:

  1. A Non Bank Inventory Financing company like Leland Capital will buy the needed inventory for your company based on purchase orders from creditworthy customers.
  2. As a revolving line of credit that can assist a business to purchase products and materials through cash flow dips.

ACH & Merchant Cash Loan Transformation

If you are unfamiliar with merchant cash advances or small business ACH loans, they are a short-term advance of funds against a business’ future receivables or future credit card sales.

Leland helps companies pay these loans back at more favorable rates.

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