Business Case: Shipping Containers Reimagined

Work in Process (WIP) Funding

We're all familiar with the sight of intermodal containers -- shipping containers used on

boats, trucks and rail lines to transport cargo. What you might not know is how useful these containers can be beyond their area of operation. In fact, some applications today are truly innovative - from theaters and bistros to schools, restaurants, and emergency hospitals. And where there's innovation, there's growth. Where there's growth, there is often a financing challenge.

Recently Leland Capital was brought in to help a company that takes used shipping containers and refurbishes them into living and office spaces for corporations
and government agencies, including the defense industry. The company was established with four employees; now they have 11 with the next several hires in the works.

Due to this company's rapid growth, they had orders to fill but didn't have the capital to produce them. It's been three months since Leland Capital began providing this client with Work in Progress financing.

As of the writing of this message we've funded 12 purchase orders. For 2018, due to our assistance, this client is projecting 200% growth.

Leland Capital Advisors helps your clients get financing when others can't help.

We work together with alternative financing professionals, brokers, and financial advisers who are looking for a way forward for their clients. When Leland funds a deal, everyone wins.

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