Inventory Funding & Trade-Export Credit

  • Leverages your Convertible or Saleable Inventory Assets
  • Fast and reliable
  • Can be based on purchase orders
  • Can be made available as a line of credit

Inventory Funding & Trade-Export Credit. Could it work for your business?

Not every funding method makes sense for every business or industry. See which solutions might make more sense for your business by selecting your categories below.

Inventory Financing & Trade-Export Credit

Non Bank Inventory Financing Is a Type of Asset Based Lending That Is Based on a Company’s Convertible or Saleable Inventory Assets.

A business can use their inventory as collateral for funding or to get a business inventory loan. The funds are typically available one of two ways:

A Non Bank Inventory Financing company like Leland Capital will buy the needed inventory for your company based on purchase orders from creditworthy customers. This type of Inventory financing is transaction and customer credit driven. Some of the inventory types we will purchase are garments, footwear, apparel, furniture and many other types of consumer goods.
As a revolving line of credit that can assist a business to purchase products and materials through cash flow dips. The credit line is specifically for buying inventory that is needed to create additional products for sale.
Leland Capital knows that a company cannot stop processing orders or risk losing clients. The results can be catastrophic. When a company has orders, those orders need to be filled. Most entrepreneurs and their start-up companies don’t have information on the different types of financing and meet lender qualifications business owners may end up selling equity in their company just to fill orders. It is important for new business owners to realize is that they have options.

Need Export Financing for your Florida business? We have a program just for you. Please read about our Florida Export Funding Program here.

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