Solutions for companies in distress

Even when times are tough, there are multiple solutions available. Solutions for companies in trouble allow them to survive and come back stronger than ever.

Getting through tough times unscathed

Even when it feels like there is no way out, alternative financing can still offer a solution. In fact, when we look at alternative financing solutions for companies in distress, going through bankruptcy, or just looking to bridge difficult times, we can see that because they are designed to consider more than a company's financial statements, they are the perfect solution to getting through these difficult times.

Especially considering the fact that in certain situations like when a company has filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or chapter 13, additional opportunities are available when working with financing solutions.

In many ways even if the company seems to be going through one of its final chapters, alternative financing mechanisms are perfectly suited to get a company through these hard times and come out even stronger than before.

Whether a business is looking for bridging capital to reorganize or looking for funds to take on a crucial customer at a crucial time, a funding solution is available.

Fitting solutions to troubling times

Bankruptcy under Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13

Thanks to the way bankruptcy filings are structured, they create legal protections that allow a company more flexibility in some areas. This flexibility extends to financing providers, which makes a filing for bankruptcy a perfect opportunity to leverage valuable parts of your business, even without the need for additional debt.

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Leland Capital Advisors is an independent lender that offers crucial financial services to startups, small businesses and companies in turnaround situations.

For companies

Leland can help. Thanks to the fact that we are not affiliated with any financial institution or banking group, we can offer individual products that are specifically designed for our clients' unique needs.

Find out which solutions might make more sense for your business by selecting the right categories below.

For advisors and professionals

Since our inception, we have been devoted to the cultivation and support of our nationwide broker network. Whether you are an independent intermediary, CPA, attorney, loan officer at a bank, ISO or an online referral source, we can help you improve the way you do business.

Leland works together with you and your clients and makes sure everyone involved wins.

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