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With many different funding mechanisms at our disposal, helping our customers grow beyond their current capabilities is our most sought-after solution.

Solving for growth

What do businesses do when they need funds to grow their company? Whether it is to allow them to buy the resources needed to serve a larger than normal order or to invest into their production capacity, more often than not the response is to look for investors and give up equity in return for their investment.

This has some obvious downsides. it is for that reason that another alternative that is often considered is going to a bank for additional funds. If the company's financials are deemed sufficient for a loan, a bank will be able to fund them.

But, with alternative financing solutions, there is a somewhat in-between solution.

Where a bank looks at your financial statements to determine their risk and uses that as their main guide to decide what your business is eligible for, alternative financing solutions also take into consideration your business’ operations.

As a consequence, with alternative financing anything from outstanding invoices to new clients you acquired and even your ability to produce a product may be considered as a potential asset and used as a base for the final financing mechanism.

This is, of course, very similar to what an investor would do. The difference lies in the fact that with alternative financing, a company doesn't lose a part of its equity.

This makes alternative financing the prime solution for growth that is not only effective but also repeatable.

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Leland Capital Advisors is an independent lender that offers crucial financial services to startups, small businesses and companies in turnaround situations.

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