WIP funding for a Military Logistics firm

Work in Process (WIP) Funding

Leland is proud to announce a new $500,000.00 WIP funding line of credit which we have extended to a firm specializing in Military Logistics both domestic and foreign.

The company did not have the necessary funds to afford the costs in the country of service origin. Leland has extensive ability to fund US companies in very difficult geographical locations. We specialize in this kind of high value high risk funding under the right circumstances for the right clients.

The client came to us through our working relationship with FEFC and is a client of theirs.

We are confident this relationship will be a win for the referrer, the client and Leland.

Leland Capital Advisors helps your clients get financing when others can't help.

We work together with alternative financing professionals, brokers, and financial advisers who are looking for a way forward for their clients. When Leland funds a deal, everyone wins.

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